Uninsured Drivers & Hit and Run Accidents Guide

Road Traffic Accidents (2).png
Road Traffic Accidents (2).png

Uninsured Drivers & Hit and Run Accidents Guide

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In The Road Traffic Accident Guide, you will learn how to:

  • Successfully bring a Personal Injury Claim Yourself
  • Achieve the Amount of Compensation Your Claim is Worth
  • Keep Complete Control of Your Claim
  • Value your Injury Accurately
  • Easily Draft Letters and Forms
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Road Traffic Accidents Uninsured Drivers & Hit and Run Accidents Guide is the best resource for those looking to bring a claim themselves, LawCat gives you the tools you need to be able to understand the legal position and process when brining a claim yourself.

After April 2013 Solicitors have to turn away more and more low value but valid claims, as they simply aren’t profitable anymore. This means more and more people are losing their access to legal advice unless they can afford to pay an hourly rate.

LawCats clear, concise explanations guide you through the process of bringing a claim yourself from start to finish., including:-

  • How to Start a Claim
    • What is Personal Injury?
    • What is a Road Traffic Accident?
    • What is the Motor Insurance Bureau?
    • How is a Motor Insurance Bureau Claim run?
    • Time Limits
    • How to Initiate a Claim
    • Claim Form 


  • What Happens Next
    • What happens next?
    • Investigation
    • Establish Responsibility
    • Decision Time Estimations
    • Contributory Negligence
    • Disputed Liability


  • How is Your Claim Valued
    • How compensation is calculated?
    • General Damages
    • Special Damages


  • Accepting the MIB Offer
    • Completed Investigation
    • Delaying the Offer & Interim Payments
    • Accepting the Offe 


  • Denial & Appeals
    • Clarifying the MIB Decision
    • Reasons to Appeal
    • Notice of Appeal
    • What to Include in your Notice of Appeal
    • After you have Sent the Notice of Appeal
    • Further Investigation
    • Arbitrator Appointment
    • The Arbitrator
    • Arbitration Procedure
    • Further Investigation at the Request of the Arbitrator
    • Preliminary Decision
    • The Hearing
    • Arbitrator's Decision

With no legal jargon, just step-by-step instructions and template forms & letters, LawCat Toolkit: Road Traffic Accidents Uninsured Drivers & Hit and Run Accidents  takes the mystery out of the process of bringing a claim.