Excuses People Use to Avoid Making a Lasting Power of Attorney and Why They Are Wrong

Setting up a Lasting Power of Attorney (LPA) is a must in today's society. But despite this, many people do not have anything in place should the worst happen and they need someone to step in and manage their finances and well being for them.

A Power of Attorney is a document that allows someone you nominate to step in and manage your finances should you not be mentally capable of doing so.

Losing our capacity is not something any of us like to consider a possibility, however it is something that can happen to anyone and we should all be prepared. A few cost effective actions now can save a great deal of time, expense and emotional upset at a later date. As if you lose your capacity without having a LPA in place then your next of kin will have to go down the route of obtaining a guardianship which is a long and very expensive process.

Again, despite this being basic fact many people still make excuses not to put a Power of Attorney in place.

Some of the excuses that I have heard include:

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What Are No Win No Fee Agreements

When you bring a claim some of your earliest questions are going to be, “How do I pay for this?” “Can I get legal aid?” “What is no win, no fee?”.

Funding a claim is a common concern, especially if you have just lost or left your employment and money is a bit tight until you can secure new employment.

This article attempts to reassure and explain exactly what your funding options are so that you are in a position to further investigate which option you believe will work best for you. The article will also cover in some detail the most common method of funding an employment claim, no win, no fee agreements.

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Can You Claim for Emotional Distress?

Can You Claim for Emotional Distress?

Most people know and understand that you can claim for a broken arm or leg, but the situation becomes much more confusing when you start considering non-physical injuries.

This article will discuss claims for emotional distress in personal injury and clinical negligence claims.

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5 Simple Ways to improve Relationships with your Cowrokers

5 Simple Ways to improve Relationships with your Cowrokers

This article was published on tough Nickle in March 2017, it has been one of my most popular and helpful articles. Helping people avoid negative situations with coworkers that can quickly spiral out of control. 

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Employment Tribunal Fees are Long Gone!

Employment Tribunal Fees are Long Gone!


Today saw good news for Access to Justice.

Today the government announced that it would no longer be charging extortionate Court fees to those who wish to bring a claim to the employment tribunal. They will also be refunding those who have already had to make payments under the old rules.

How Much Will a Claim Cost?

How Much Will a Claim Cost?

As well as being one of the most popular questions it is also one of the most difficult to answer, right alongside, ‘how long will my claim take?’ the cost of your claim can depends on many different aspects, such as what kind of representation you use, or whether or not you use legal representation at all or bring a claim yourself. However, the main aspect that will affect the cost of your claim is how you choose to fund it.