My name is Katie Robinson, I’m a graduate legal executive and as well as having a Masters Degree in Law and a Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice, I have been working in the English Legal System since 2010.

Over these years I’ve had the opportunity to help many people obtain compensation after being in a accident, sort out estates and resolve employment issues. Over the last two years I’ve used that experience to craft the tool-kits you will find on this site.

Tool-kits that can help guide you to bringing your claim yourself, raise an issue with your employer, and sort out an estate, all with no legal background.



In 2013 our legal system changed, before April 2013 Claimants could have their claim taken on by a legal professional under a No Win No Fee Agreement. Under these contracts, the Claimant would keep 100% of their compensation, and their solicitor would recover their fees from the losing Defendant.


Now the legal fees come in part from the Claimant. Up to 25% of a Claimant’s compensation can be used to cover legal fees. This not only means less compensation for Claimant’s but it also greatly reduces the chance of a legal professional taking on your case.

This means a lot of people just like you are losing access to legal advice, while the Defendants keep their in-house solicitors. This means Claimants, with no legal knowledge or experience, are going up against seasoned professionals to try and get justice.