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- Understand why you lack motivation and learn how you can change the direction of your life - Overcome procrastination and lethargic and negative emotions and focus on what you want to achieve - Find the motivation you need to work harder at your job and succeed in your career - Use the techniques of motivation to stick to healthy eating and exercise and quit smoking and other bad habits - Get started with a new hobby learn a new language or instrument and succeed at sport Do you want to beat procrastination and make positive changes in your life? Do you want to improve your performance at work or in your studies or spur yourself on to get a new job? Do you want to challenge your negative core beliefs and harness the power of motivation to quit bad habits lose weight and learn new things? This new Teach Yourself Workbook doesn't just tell you how to improve your motivation. It accompanies you every step of the way with diagnostic tools goal-setting charts practical exercises and many more features ideal for people who want a more active style of learning. Specially created exercises will help you boost and maintain your motivation to achieve your goals. This book includes information on: motivation self-help procrastination career goals anxiety core beliefs work sports performance study