rabat Introduction to Social Work: An Advocacy-Based Profession (Social Work in the New Century) (Hardcover) by Cox Lisa E. Tice Carolyn J. Long Dennis D. K91xVvVI

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Introduction to Social Work is a timely new text by a leading team of authors for introductory courses in social work. This book presents a unique framework for understanding the historical development of social work the key figures influencing social work history the various practice settings and the type of work performed.a This book frames the course by social advocacy and presents all the pertinent information under the lens of social workers as client and community activists. This is a timely approach and will give a clear distinction amongst competing books. In recent years social workers are taking a much more active approach in client and community advocacy. This involves advocacy at a clinical/client level but also at a community national and international level. The book begins with a definition of social work as a profession and then goes into defining social welfare and presenting social welfare history. It then presents the advocacy model which is applied to the various chapters in working with special populations. As other competing texts the book covers working with children and families the elderly the physically and mentally disabled the homeless and the criminal justice systems. However the book goes beyond the standard coverage by including chapters on global and environmental issues the housing crisis/economic system and collective bargaining. These chapters are unique and willahelp differentiate the text.aThe book is also closely aligned with CSWE's new EPAS standards and incorporates reflective practice. This is an infusion across the curriculum to help students reflect and grow as they progress through the program. This odevelopmentalo approach is seen as a key strength of this proposal. Finally each chapter will begin with an opening case will contain discussion questions related organizations and websites and more.