kvalitet Plain Jane: When does being stuck become ... unstuck? (Paperback) by Hood Kim E4dndnAg

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At nearly 16 Jane has lived in the shadow of her little sister Emma's cancer diagnosis for over three years. Not that she was ever in the limelight; it is her sister who is the talented one a dancer who at ten had been outgrowing her small town teachers' skills. Jane had never resented her sister's talent; without any interests herself it had always kept the pressure off her. Now though with her parents struggling to cope financially and emotionally Jane's life in her rural mining village seems to be a never ending monotony of skipping school long bus rides to the hospital and hanging out with a boyfriend she doesn't even know why she is with. Nobody really cares that her life is stuck in neutral; she is finding it difficult to care herself ...Ultimately Jane begins to understand the real parts of her life that are good; her sister Emma's chances of recovery begin to improve and the two sisters try to rebuild the relationship they shared before the illness took over.